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Air Conditioning Regas R134A
(pre 2017)

We offer a comprehensive air-conditioning service for vehicles using R134A refrigerant (typically pre-2017 models). Regular servicing ensures quicker de-misting, cooler temperatures, cleaner air, and prevents bacteria build-up, extending the life and efficiency of your vehicle's air conditioning system.

From £65

Air Conditioning Regas R1234YF
(after 2017)

Our service for vehicles using R1234YF refrigerant (typically post-2017 models) includes a thorough air-conditioning check and regas. This environmentally-friendly refrigerant helps your vehicle meet modern emission standards while providing optimal cooling performance.

From £120

Nitrogen Pressure Checking/Diagnostic

We provide nitrogen pressure testing to identify leaks and ensure the integrity of your vehicle's air conditioning system. This service helps maintain the system's efficiency and longevity, ensuring it performs at its best and keeps your vehicle cool and comfortable.

From £35

Our Equipment

Using the latest Sun Kool-Kare dual gas machine, we offer fully mobile, self-contained services that can be performed anywhere. With thousands of vehicle experiences, we ensure top-notch service and efficiency.

Sun Kool-Kare Dual Gas Machine

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